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 welcome on my professional home page...

  • tenured CNRS researcher,
    full member of Centre Marc Bloch (CNRS/Humboldt Universität) where I founded an interdisciplinary team focused on "Computational Social Science and Digital Humanities".
  • my research interests include digital public spaces and online communities, dynamics of networks, cultural evolution and information diffusion, (social) complex systems, pattern recognition, epistemic networks, mathematical sociology and graph theory, applied epistemology, fragmentation and polarization, social cognition and social science naturalization.
  • see my resume [pdf] for a long version of my academic bio, including participation in committees (conference, review, etc.), or my publication list.
  • short academic bio :
    2008-   Tenured full researcher (computer science), CNRS
    2016-18 Professeur (Associate Professor), sociology, computational social science, Sciences Po
    2007-08    Maître de conférences (sociology), U. Toulouse
    2005-07Post-docs (ECLT-Venice; U. Surrey)
    2005 PhD (social science), Ecole Polytechnique (Paris)
    2002 MSc. (general engineering: maths/physics, maj. economics), Ecole des Ponts (Paris)
    MSc. (cognitive science), EHESS (Paris)

 contact information
e-mail:   roth / at /
cmb centre marc bloch, cnrs/humboldt universität
friedrichstraße 191, d-10117 berlin, germany
office:    +49   30 2093 70713 gsm: +49 1573 040 0870     (from France, use: +33   6 8034 0870)

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