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 team and grants


The following post-docs and students are working with me in the interdisciplinary Digital Humanities team of Centre Marc Bloch.

in addition to the co-supervision at the Institute of Complex Systems of Paris-Île-de-France of:
  • David Fourquet (PhD student, U. Paris VI, Computer Science)

 former post-docs and phd students

Chih-Chun Chen (post-doc, QLectives, 2010-13, now post-doc, U. Cambridge)
Floriana Gargiulo (post-doc, SIMPA 2010-12, now post-doc, U. Namur)
Léda Mansour (post-doc, Aresos/Mastodons 2013, Algopol 2014, now post-doc)
Bivas Mitra (post-doc, Webfluence, 2010-11, now Assistant Professor, IIT Kharagpur)
Lionel Tabourier (PhD student, Webfluence, 2010, now Associate Professor, U. Paris-VI)


There is currently no job opening in my group.


Here is a list of grants I am currently coordinating at CNRS, as a global PI.


  • ANR-funded project (CONTINT 2011), active 2012-2015.
  • AlgoPol ("Politique des algorithmes") is an interdisciplinary project gathering sociologists and computer scientists. The current evolution of the Internet relies crucially on algorithms for ranking and sorting digital content and online users and, more broadly, for appraising information circulation. The objective of the project is to analyze these transformations, the use of these algorithms and to develop knowledge regarding the new metrics of information on the web.
  • Project website:

Here are projects I am actively participating in.


  • Analysis of Socio-Semantic Networks.
  • Funded since 2012 by the Interdisciplinary Endeavor of CNRS on Big Data (MASTODONS).
  • Project website:

Finally projects which finished recently.


EU-funded project (ICT, FP7), active from March 2009 until August 2013.
QLectives aimed at studying collaborative content production in "Quality Collectives", i.e. functional decentralized communities that self-organize for the benefit of its participants, with two prototypical application domains: science and media content production.
Project website:
A collective book gathers key contributions from the project and is available here.


ANR-funded project (SYSCOMM 2009), active from November 2009 until November 2012.
SIMPA aimed at appraising the structure and morphogenesis of kinship network, focusing notably on bias and missing data, and gathered modelers and anthropologists for around three years.
Project website:


ANR-funded project (SYSCOMM 2008), Jan 2009-Dec 2010.
Webfluence endeavored at analyzing, modeling and reconstructing the structure and dynamics of blog networks (including morphogenesis and diffusion phenomena). Project website:

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