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online communities

  • wikis:
    Several papers address the issue of "wiki" communities evolution and viability.
    Thus, "Viable wikis: Struggle for life in the wikisphere" (2007) is a position paper on what may influence the (non-)viability of wikis as collaborative platforms, including a demographic study on about 7,000 such communities.

    "Measuring Wiki Viability" (2008) (with Dario Taraborelli & Nigel Gilbert) then explores the demographics of hundreds of wikis over a period of several months, with respect to various demographic and organizational variables.
    It notably shows that a stronger growth in terms of registered users is paradoxically associated with wikis open to anonymous contributors (who are not required to register).wiki growth
    "Viabilité des wikis" (2008) (FR) (again with Dario Taraborelli & Nigel Gilbert) summarizes these results towards a more sociological audience.

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